“No external power can possibly obstruct woman or her innate qualities of love,empathy, and patience.”- Amma

“If you are unable to meditate, try to repeat your mantra or sing bhajans.”– Amma

“Only God loves us selflessly.”– Amma

 “True happiness and contentment come only when we serve others, love others, and trust others based on mutual understanding”– Amma

“Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear, at least for one night.Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day. There should be at least one day when hospitals see no one admitted due to violence. By doing selfless service for at least one day, everyone should help the poor and needy.”Amma

“Pray for a peaceful and contented mind in all circumstances.”Amma

“God is deep within us. He dwells there as pure and innocent love.”Amma

“Light the lamp of love within you and move forward. When we take each step with good thoughts and a smiling face, all the goodness will come to us and fill our being. Then God cannot possibly stay away from us. He will embrace us”.Amma


“Have the conviction that God is your only real relative and friend.”-Amma

“Once you transcend the mind, you cannot die. Meditation and spiritual practices give you the power to smile at death”.- Amma

“In order to attain this grace, cry and pray, hold on to the feet of the Guru, no matterwhat happens.”-Amma

“To awaken spiritual unity-and to spread to others the love that is our inherent nature-is the true goal of human life” Amma


“Look carefully at what is of value in others and respect that.”Amma

“Beware; your actions in the present determine your future.”-Amma

“We should never forget that after every night, there is a dawn. We should never lose our” optimistic faith”Amma

“Only when human beings are able to perceive and acknowledge the Self in eachother can there be real peace”Amma

“Plants and trees also have emotions and can feel fear. You can sense that if you havea compassionate heart.”-Amma

“Does the sun need the light of a candle? God needs nothing from us.”-Amma

“If we are able to develop the right attitude, we can drastically reduce the burden ofour sorrows.”-Amma

“When a ship is in the sea, it has to weather storms, rough seas and may evenencounter whales or sharks.”-Amma

We should never forget that after every night, there is a dawn. We should never lose our optimistic faith.”Amma

 “Don’t be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. Light your little candle and step forward.”Amma

“Make a firm decision: Whatever happens, I will be happy. I will be strong. God is always with me.”Amma

“Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness that is found in everyone”. Amma


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